a members only relaxing and luxurious hot yoga studio for adults who want to condition
both body and mind.

Yoga is considered to have a great relaxing effect
that improves mental health.
Various yoga poses stretch the body
and deep breathing and meditation stabilize
the mind so that the new energy is generated.

Our hot yoga studio consists of rock salt walls,
which contain abundant natural minerals,
and floors covered with lava plates,
which generate far-infrared rays.
In the studio your body will be warmed
from deep inside, encouraging detoxification.

The lava plates and the “Earth Power Water”
in the studio generate negative ions
to reduce stress and heal the mind.
CHANDA PADMA SHALA hot yoga will
restore health to your body and mind.

Six reasons that

Stress-free hot yoga
Produces watery detoxifying perspiration
In contrast to ordinary hot yoga which uses stoves, Magma Hot Yoga uses far-infrared rays and negative ions to gradually warm the body, improving metabolism and expelling metabolic decomposition products. Slow yoga exercise warms the entire body from deep inside, activating metabolism. With this yoga watery perspiration with a detoxifying effect is generated.
Skin becomes shiny
by absorbing an abundance of minerals.
Magma Hot Yoga, performed in a room with a floor covered with “lava,” natural ores, and walls containing natural rock salt, helps minerals to be absorbed through your nose, mouth and skin, making your skin shiny.
Also recommended for those
who lack physical activity or stamina
We also offer a number of relaxing yoga classes focused on mindfulness, so even beginners and those who lack physical activity or stamina can comfortably participate.
Luxurious surroundings
only available for members
You can do yoga in quiet and relaxing surroundings.

Magma Hot Yoga is a highly relaxing studio for adults to heal mind and body.
No need to bring anything.
All necessary amenities are provided.
We offer the following items free of charge:
– Yoga outfits (tops and bottoms)
– Yoga mats
– Downy Imabari towels
– Original water (contains silica)
– Bathroom amenities including shampoos and body soaps
Located right beside the Roppongi Intersection.
0 min. walk from Roppongi Station
One of the studio’s advantages is its convenient access close to the station, so you can visit the studio easily. Our hot yoga studio is an urban oasis.


Location: 4F Seishido Bldg., 7-14-10 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
TEL: 0120-610-587
Access: 0 min. walk from the Exit No.4 at Roppongi Station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and Toei Oedo Line)
Hours: [Weekdays] Opens at 07:00 Closes at 22:00 [Weekends and holidays] Opens at 10:00 Closes at 22:00
Business holiday No scheduled holidays


We are now promoting a campaign which allows the first 100 customers to receive an enrollment
which is usually worth for 50,000 yen but now for FREE!

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